Scope of accreditation and approval: Private Pilot Licence Commercial Pilot Licence ( Prep ) Class Rating Night Rating Tug/Safety Rating Instrument Rating Instructors Rating Type Rating Radio Telephony SACAA PPL Ac

The PPL course requires a minimum of 45 flying hours. Seven theoretical examinations has to be passed on-line with unlimited attempts after passing the first subject. The pass mark for all subjects is 75%. The subjects are the following: 1. 

Jabiru J160: The Jabiru J160 C is a factory built certified aircraft. The Jabiru J160-C aircraft has been developed as a new trainer aircraft that is bigger all round. It has a wider cockpit, higher cabin and more leg room. Jabiru has an Australia

Students need to comply with the following criteria:   1.    Be at least 17 years of age to obtain a student license 2.    Be proficient in the English language to communicate clearly and understand study

International Requirements   International students wishing to obtain a UK-JAA license must complete a minimum of 45 hours of Basic Training in SA. The student may then complete the UK-JAA PPL exams and a flight test to obtain

There are various self-catering facilities available in Mossel Bay and surrounding area. There are a number of guest houses close to the air field, making it suitable for quick access for students.  

Where are we:   Mossel Bay is situated on the beautiful south coast of South Africa and is half way between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Mossel Bay enjoys great weather throughout the year, with a moderate climate and gr

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